What Writers and Authors Can Learn From The World’s No.1 Peak Performance Coach

What Writers and Authors Can Learn From The World’s No.1 Peak Performance Coach

The music began to roar and the crowd was brought to their feet, waving their hands in the air as the world’s number one peak performance coach, Tony Robbins, ran on to the stage. Those of you who know of this energetic powerhouse and his work over the last thirty-five years, will know he has helped people back from the depths of depression and helped business owners from the brink of bankruptcy to financial freedom. The day was packed full of relatable, true to life, actionable advice on stories and excuses people tell themselves and finding out what is really keeping people from what they want.

Throughout the day I couldn’t help but think on how much of this applies to writers and authors today when looking to take their manuscripts to the store shelf. So here I am, late at night writing these few nuggets of actionable advice for you writers and authors out there, to help you overcome the hurdles stopping you from reaching your publishing goals.

The only thing that is keeping you from what you really want is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t have it.” – Tony Robbins

Writers not only write stories on paper, but they also create personal stories of their own. These are the stories of self sabotage such as; “I don’t know who to ask” or “I don’t have the time”. If you want it, if you believe people NEED to read your book and it will entertain them or change their life in some way, then own this. Do yourself and your future readers the favour and give yourself a new story of empowerment and MAKE IT a priority to do what it takes to publish your book. Start by giving yourself three big reasons why you have to publish this book for yourself and why it needs to be out there for others.

“Fulfilment comes from growing and giving which creates progress, which equals happiness.” – Tony Robbins

We’ve all heard the term of ‘being in a rutt’. It’s statistically proven happiness comes from fulfilment, not money, flash cars or unlimited stocks of coffee beans. People not consciously deciding for themselves what they really want consequently do not achieve the results they want. If you’re stuck and can’t finish your manuscript, work out what the wall is that’s preventing you from moving forward. Whether you can’t find a trusted editor, don’t know how to publish or who to talk to, define what is stopping your progression and take action.

Talk to someone about your story block and brain storm some ideas. When seeking the assistance of professionals to produce and publish your book, ask questions, seek out people for references, place a post on Facebook, email some service vendors directly or tweet them. Get pro-active, keep yourself moving forward. A little progress each day will help you feel the sense of fulfilment and accomplishment and you’ll feel much happier to doing so.

“See things as they are, not worse than they are.” – Tony Robbins

This is about not taking every critique, input or suggestion as a personal attack on you or your work. Acknowledge where this feedback is coming from, often it’s constructive so take it on board and seize this as a chance to potentially improve your book.

If you have received your manuscript back from the editor with red marks all over it, don’t take it to heart and think it’s all over. Stand up, see this professional, constructive feedback as it really is and address those red marks and changes. Appreciate that these things which will help improve your ‘product’ were found now rather than later. Releasing a poor quality book product to market and receiving a poor response is what will hurt your confidence and damage any brand building you’ve created up till that point.

It starts with you

As writers and authors it all starts with the mindset you hold at any given moment. Take a moment and step back from the situation and turn the glass up, turn it around and look at it from another angle. Things are often never as bad as you might think. It all comes down to the association you give something. Make the choice and empower yourself against creating any excuses with real reasons for why you need to achieve your publishing goals, to progress and see things for what they often are … opportunity.

Empowered, boom!

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