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Hi, I’m Anthony Puttee. I’m the founder of Self-publishing Lab.
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So, I assume you’re in the process of writing your first book, or have just finished the manuscript draft or your tenth book.

This is likely the case and before I go any further … high five! That’s a huge milestone to be proud of.

You enjoy writing and the creative process, but now it’s time to look at publishing your book, and if you’re like many writers, you have no idea where to start. Or perhaps you’ve done some research online and you’re simply even more confused. You may have asked yourself:

  • so what’s the next thing I should do once I finish writing?
  • how do I publish without getting ripped off?
  • how do I take my book sales to the next level?
  • should I publish a print book or e-book, how do I decide?
  • what does it cost to publish a book properly?
  • how do I create a book I can sell and make money from?

Whether you’re a writer of nonfiction, fiction or children’s books and you’ve asked yourself any of these questions…

Then you’ve come to the right place.

At the Self-publishing Lab, we believe…

The best advice and support, is personable, focused, with an open mind and open ears.

You want to avoid being burned or duped, and want to have trustworthy people you can turn to when you need them.

You have a message to share with others and would like honest and pro-active guidance for delivering your book to the world.

The team

Are ready to help you create, publish and release a commercial trade quality book (like the big publishers do) which is a requirement for standing out from the crowd, but without the high cost.

We are passionate about helping people just like yourself craft quality books with our combined experience of over 25 years in publishing with staff having worked at Penguin and Scholastic. The care and attention we provide has been recognised by our industry having won some awards for our genuine advice a quality services.

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Our clients

Our clients have had books rank in the top charts on Amazon and sold thousands of dollars worth of books at events. We work on a variety of projects from the breakout business book, celebrities books, to the warm and endearing children’s book’s read in class.

They’ve been featured in the media on the ABC Breakfast Show, Seven’s Sunrise morning program and in leading newspapers and magazines including MX and The Courier Mail.

Self-publishing Lab

Here’s how to get started on the right foot

What I’ve listed below will be a good way for you to get started.

1. Download the free guide — Self-Publish the Smart Way

Keep 100% Royalties – No Contracts – Complete Creative Control – Print & Distribution

how to get a book publishedDon’t feel confused about self-publishing any longer. Avoid the pitfalls and creating a crappy book product that won’t sell, and get started on the right foot with Self-Publish the Smart Way.

  • Discover what to avoid in publishing
  • How to self-publish so you maintain control, profit and creative control
  • Creating the budget you need to self-publish the smart way
  • What you need to know about book cover design, formatting and editing
  • How to prepare your manuscript ready for publication
  • Copyright and more!

2. The Blog

The Self-publishing Lab blog has proven to be a valuable resource for thousands of writers and authors over the years. Generally, the articles are informative and actionable in some way. New blog articles typically come out every week or so.

About Anthony Puttee

Prior to starting Self-publishing Lab about 6 years ago, I was moonlighting as a publishing consultant for several years helping authors, small presses and business owners avoid the traps of self-publishing and connect with professional, like-minded people.

During this time I built strong connections with some of these professionals as our values of serving people with the right information, honesty and integrity were aligned.

Then one day, it became too much.

I was receiving so many requests for help that I couldn’t serve everyone the way I wanted to as just one person.

And that’s when it dawned on me.

I realised I needed to create something bigger than myself in which to help all these people bring their publishing dreams to life. To create a trusted destination providing honest trusted advice and services in this new age of publishing.

Heck I couldn’t clone myself, right?

So Self-publishing Lab was born. I started out as a single founder providing publishing assistance along with other services such as cover design, with the goal to bring on-board other professionals and build a crack team of publishing ninjas.


I have the pleasure every day of waking up working with amazing and talented individuals who all love doing what they do each and every day. We have become an award-winning trusted resource and services team assisting independent authors, small presses and corporate businesses publish and release their books to a worldwide audience while maintaining control and profit.

Over the years I’ve spent time on panels with best-selling authors and industry professionals and speak at workshops and events offering writers and authors insight into crafting their books and demystifying the evolving publishing industry today.

And have a blast doing it!

Oh, did I mention that we LOVE coffee?

I look forward to connecting with you.

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