Gifts for Writers: The Ultimate Guide With 24 Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Gifts for Writers: The Ultimate Guide With 24 Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Most of us can relate to being in the position of racking our brains for what to get that writer in our lives.

Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or special event, the voice in our head usually cries out something like … “What the hell am I going to get?”

The first thing that often comes to mind is a notebook, a moleskine, the latest novel, or another writing pad.


Okay, so some writers still love these items, but most of us want to do better than the cliche’ gifts for writers right?

Something that wows the person and has them saying, “that is so cool!”. Then showers you with warm hugs.

So stop racking your brain in frustration.

Stop the endless Google searches.

Don’t drive back to the office supplies store, because you didn’t find anything there the second time.

Instead read on. This is the ultimate guide full of crazy and cool gifts for writers so you can ease the pain of racking your brain!


gifts-for-writers-image-coffeeDeath Wish Ground Coffee

Coffee is considered by many as a must-have writers tool, morning, noon and for some, even night. Awaken the writing machine within with Death Wish Coffee. The coffee is strong, yet the name is deceptive as it has a smooth texture and it’s completely natural.
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gifts for writers

Delete Eraser

It exists! A delete button for your writing. Try pressing CMD/CTRL+Z and let me know what happens?
Image from Amazon.


Aqua Notes

gifts for writersI don’t know about you, but I get some of my best ideas in the shower. Smart phones don’t play well with water and last time I checked the trusty old paper and pencil doesn’t either. What’s the solution? Aqua Notes of course! This is a nifty waterproof notepad to write all those ideas, lists and plans of world domination. Writers never have to forget another amazing idea when they leave the shower, spa or swimming pool.
Image from Amazon.


gifts for writersBean bag Chair

Perfect for the home office corner or veranda. Any writer will enjoy slouching into the bean bag and escape for a few hours with a good book, or spend that time brain storming their next Pulitzer.
Image from Amazon.


gifts for writersThumb Thing book page holder

Keep the pages in your book or magazine held wide open for easier reading and viewing with these thumb ring page holders. Great for reading with one hand, while standing and drinking your coffee.
Image from Amazon.


gifts for writersLiterature Mug – Literary Quotes Coffee Cup

Not just any ordinary coffee cup. The First Lines of Literature Mug features some of literature’s most famous openings, from “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” to “Call me Ishmael” and many more. The mug is beautifully crafted and coloured.
Image from Amazon.


gifts for writersA subscription to Audible

Even writers need to take breaks from writing away and to rest the eyes. An audible subscription is great for writers to consume their favourite books while on the run, in the car dropping the kids off to school, doing the shopping or making housework more pleasurable by filling the ears with literature candy. I use Audible regularly.
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gifts for writersStory Cubes

Story Cubes is a pocket-sized creative story generator, providing hours of imaginative play for writers of all ages. You can even play by yourself in your writing corner if feeling overly introverted.
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gifts for writersScrabble on the go!

For those who enjoy scrabbling it up, this is a great option to take Scrabble with you. it features snap-in tile racks inside a fold-up, zippered nylon case. This allows players to stop playing mid-game and resume when everyone is back over for dinner next week, or when waiting for the next flight in the airport lounge.
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gifts for writersOfficial Scrabble Dictionary

The perfect companion for writers slash Scrabble players and those who have the portable Scrabble pack (see above). It includes variant spellings including expanded coverage of Canadian and British words, along with new vocabulary entries such as hashtag, selfie and fracking. Don’t know what fracking is? Watch Battlestar Gallactica or ask the geek next to you.
Image from Amazon.


gifts for writersWriter’s Block cure in a bottle

Writers Remedy is a well packaged gift for writers that includes magnetic word tiles with hundreds of inspirational and creative words to get the writing juices flowing. The bottle looks fantastic!
Image from Amazon.


gifts for writersBird by Bird – Anne Lamott

This book is considered by many to be a must-have addition to any writer’s arsenal. This text has been used in schools, libraries and respectable writing workshops. The trick with book gifts, is you’ll need to sneak around their house to see if they have the book the next time you’re stopping by their house.
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gifts for writersConcealed wall book shelf

A floating book shelf that mounts to the wall and becomes invisible behind a stack of books. It’s fairly small in size so it fits on any wall or in smaller spaces. These sit well vertically if you have two or more on the one wall.
Image from Amazon.


gifts for writersUnisex library card socks

No kidding. These unisex socks are ideal for the writer or librarian that ooze nostalgia. They even make a great lesson of yesteryear for today’s digital kids.
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gifts for writersHammock

Who says you need to be in Fiji to enjoy the pleasure of relaxing in a hammock with your favourite book. You don’t even need trees! This hammock can be placed on the veranda or back garden and because it’s free-standing making it non-destructive and versatile.
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gifts for writersClassic books canvas tote bag

A touch of nostagia while being utilitarian. I think this bag has the potential to be a good conversation starter for introverted writers while standing in line at the bookstore, library or writers conference.
Image from Amazon.


gifts for writersOn Writing: 10th Anniversary Edition – Stephen King

Even if you don’t read horror books, or aren’t a rabid King fan, this book provides killer information on writing techniques to help any writer have a more concise and compelling writing.
Image from Amazon.


gifts for writersKnock Knock Bookmarks pad

Writers can keep track of those golden ideas and notes with these sturdy paper bookmarks. Much better than the random scraps of paper. They have spaces for the title and author of the book, and plenty of space for general note taking.
Image from Amazon.


gifts for writersAdjustable laptop stand

I have an adjustable laptop stand in the home office. This one has a ventilated base which prevents it overheating. Adjustable height to suit.
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gifts for writersThe Book Seat

A cool hands free book holder that props your book up for reading, much like reading an iPad. The clear guard allows for easy page turning.
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gifts for writersNoise-cancelling in-ear headphones

Perfect for blocking out the world around you, and ideal for writers to immerse themselves for hours at a time, with little distraction. Excellent for listening to audiobooks too.
Image from Amazon.


gifts for writersHeated foot warmer

A simple option to solving a writer’s cold feet issue. It also serves as a good foot-rest for those writers doing power stints at home or working all day at the office.
Image from Amazon.


gifts for writersA local massage voucher

After a long day of writing, a massage would be glorious. Get a gift card or voucher for your writer friend at a local massage parlor and elevate yourself on their hugs list.


gifts for writersA day pass

Give your writer friend one full day to head out the house or lock themselves in the home office while you take care of cleaning, cooking or babysitting duties. They will LOVE you for it!
So there you have it! It’s quite the shopping list of gifts for writers.

Now all you have to do is choose one.

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