Welcome to the resources page. Below are a list of resources I recommend and use on a regular basis to run my business and client author platforms. I’ll be adding to this list and will refer to this page regularly. I recommend you bookmark this page for future reference and easy access.

Building your writer and author platform

Website/blog hub

Bluehost – All my sites use Bluehost. Full support of WordPress with easy installation and hands down the best support I’ve ever seen from a web host provider. My recommendation for writer and author websites. – The No.1 blog and website platform. It’s free, gives you complete control, flexibility and easily customisable. All of my blogs and websites (including Book Cover Cafe) use Hands down the best way to setup your writer or author website.
Website/blog email newsletter and list building
Aweber – If you are looking at creating a long-term author platform and to fuel your book sales, you need to start building an email list following. Aweber is the best tool for this and I use it myself, as do all my other blogger colleagues.

Social Media and communication tools

Hootsuite – The tool I use to manage all my social media accounts from the one screen. Post updates, schedule updates, follow Twitter hashtags at a glance, along with clearly separating personal mentions and messages.

Skype – This tool has become virtually indispensable. The only way to freely text, voice or video chat. I use this free tool for client communication and consulting. It’s my primary online communication tool, second only to Gmail.

Productivity tools

Last Pass – An absolute must have, no question. This securely saves all your login and identity information in a vault. It plugs right into your Chrome or Firefox web browser. You only have to remember one password, because Last Pass remembers ALL the rest. All passwords are decrypted on the fly as you need them, such as logging into your Gmail account. No more keeping passwords on post-its, notepad’s or diaries. It’s secure, it’s free, it’s an absolute time and brain saver.

Evernote – A powerful tool that I use to take notes, bookmark online articles to read later, save web links, write blog post drafts, upload photos and receipts and much more. There’s the option to install Evernote on your PC, laptop, iphone or use directly through your Evernote account dashboard. I highly recommend it, so you too can increase your productivity.

Dropbox – A fantastic free tool I use virtually everyday for sharing and moving images, documents and videos with clients and colleagues. You can even use it to back up important files. Another ‘must-have’ tool for maximising productivity.

Self/independent publishing

Purchase ISBN’s and barcodes
Purchase your ISBN’s and Barcodes here. The block of 10 ISBN’s is the best value, which is what I recommend you go with when True Self Publishing.

ISBN’s and barcodes US/Inter (MyIdentifiers) – For authors and independent publishers in the USA.

ISBN’s and barcodes Australia (Thorpe) – For authors and independent publishers in the AUS. To purchase click the link at the bottom right of the page.

Books In Print (BIP) – Submit your books to the Books In Print database to have your book’s information on file for the publishing and book buying industries. All data you submit to BowkerLink is used for:
– Global Books In Print
– Books In Print Australia,
– Books In Print New Zealand
– Books In Print USA

Createspace – Amazon’s POD publishing platform if you just want your book available on the Amazon store.

Lightning Source – an excellent POD platform for those looking to have their books widely available on retailers and libraries.

Copyright and legal

The legal Deposit falls under the Copyright Act 1968 and is for Self Publishers to deposit a hard copy of their book upon publication.

Legal deposit and copyright USA – Book deposits and copyright registration for US independent authors and self publishers.

Legal deposit AUS – Book deposits for Australian independent authors and self publishers.


Logitech USB desktop microphone – An excellent entry level to mid level user microphone, that performs really well for it’s low price point. I’ve personally used this mic and it will work nicely for Skype and podcasts.


Drawing Mentor – a new website providing good tutorials for those wanting to learn how to draw.

Disclaimer – Some of these links are affiliate links. If you purchase through these links I could be compensated or earn a small commission. Please note that all the info, tools and resources here are things I’ve used in the past or currently use myself. This is why I can happily recommend them to help you achieve your goals.

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