Anthony Puttee Book Cover CafeThis page provides an overview of what you can expect when booking Anthony Puttee to present at your event.

Anthony is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker that delivers an energetic mix of compassion and years of real world publishing experience.

Unlike other speakers who stand sheepishly behind a podium or reading word-for-word from notes, Anthony engages with the audience with an up-to-date, interactive presentation as he works the stage with a personal and upbeat presence.

Up-to-date, actionable training delivered with passion

Anthony’s presentations contain real-world ‘how-to’ information designed so attendees walk away with tools and knowledge they can begin implementing immediately.
Though the content of presentations contain strategies, tactics and guidance, Anthony is mindful of keeping the session light and entertaining in nature.

Potential speaking topics

  • The new publishing world and why you need to get on board.
  • The true independent publishing model and how you can benefit.
  • How to take advantage of digital e-book publishing without the hype.
  • The book production process – what you need to know.
  • When to start marketing – it’s not when you think and 9 out of 10 authors get this wrong.
  • How to get your book on Amazon and optimise it.

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“Excellent seminar, just the “kick up the bum” I needed. There is so much to publishing but Anthony Puttee really put it into the right perspective and made it seem readily doable. If you get the chance to attend this or any of Anthony’s workshops DO IT!!”
– Wendy Johnson

“Anthony Puttee BIG thank you for some great info and plenty of chance to interact. Thanks for the leg up!”
– Bruce Wadd

“Fabulous workshop today Anthony and Penny. Well worth the extra time. You have renewed my enthusiasm for my book. Thank you!”
– Liane Barker

“Anthony and his team, not only gave me the knowledge and the skills to take my ideas and stories to the next level, but they empowered me with confidence and the right resources to get the job done efficiently and successfully.”
– Claire Chadwick

Want to book Anthony for your event?

If you’re interested in booking Anthony for your event, contact us here and we’ll confirm availability and arrange for you to chat with Anthony in more detail.

Upcoming events

  • Rainforest Writing Retreat – May 29th-31st

Past events

  • River City Writers Conference
  • Get Published Live workshop
  • Logan Sci-fi Festival

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