Stephen King Interview With George R. R. Martin (Video)

Stephen King Interview With George R. R. Martin (Video)

Enjoy a conversation with two great authors of our time. At nearly an hour-long, this Stephen King interview with George R. R. Martin delves into details of their writing craft. The two discuss each other’s work, aspects of their personal life, writing interests and more.

As most writers and fans know, Martin writes at a slow pace which has infuriated fans on the internet over the years. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have King, who writes several books a year.

This leads Martin asking King a question he’s always wanted to know regarding his writing process.

This is just one example of the clear difference in writing styles and work ethic between these two, which makes for an interesting discussion.

Warning: there is profanity.

In this interview:

  • They discuss their views on each other’s work.
  • King talks about his son writing books, and why he uses a pen name.
  • King talks about his wife’s writing and their kids growing up.
  • They both discuss how they got into writing in the first place and why.
  • Martin asks a question he’s always wanted to know.

This interview was recorded at a recent event in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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