Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy


These terms and conditions (this agreement), when agreed and accepted by you (the client) after you enter your full legal name and click “I agree…” will create a binding and legally enforceable contract between you (the client) and us/we (Self-publishing Lab), whether you are acting as yourself as an individual, or as an authorised representative on behalf of another writer, author, publisher or company. Therefore, please read these terms and conditions carefully before clicking “I agree…” and submitting your form. The effective start date of your project agreement is the date on which your project has been scheduled to start after Self-publishing Lab has received payment.

Self-publishing Lab, along with our service partners are collectively referred to in this terms and conditions as “us,” “we,” and “Self-publishing Lab”, reserves the right to modify, delete or change any of the terms and conditions contained as part of this agreement, at any time without notice. If any change or modification is unacceptable to you, your only recourse is to discontinue and cease all use of services and products. Your ongoing and continued participation and use of our services and products, after the change to a new or revised agreement on the website, will constitute your binding acceptance of the new terms and conditions.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you acknowledge you have obtained all rights and permissions to publish materials to be used in the project and agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Self-publishing Lab, its contractors, employees and associated companies from any and all copyright and permission infringement action. The book material you bring to us must not be a public domain work (unless you are the original author).

Self-publishing Lab is not responsible for turnaround times, delays, faults, actions, or decisions of any 3rd Party that is required for the contractor to complete the items detailed in this project agreement.

Self-publishing Lab does not guarantee or work to meet any pre-planned deadlines or milestones that were organised/confirmed or otherwise, prior to, or during the project by the author or other third parties outside of Self-publishing Lab. We recommend you allow sufficient time for any additional revision work that may be required to finalise your book. Book layout and design are complex tasks for the typesetter and designer, and the author must allow sufficient time for review and any unexpected revisions that may be required for completing the project.

You, the client, shall remain the copyright owner of the source book material you provide for use in the project and the final book product. We (Self-publishing Lab) make no legal claim to the copyright of the final book product or books, website art assets and personal brand content we produce from your manuscript.

All derivative rights of project source files or working files remain the property of Self-publishing Lab unless agreed upon by Self-publishing Lab in writing. Any derivative rights and access to source files or working files will be granted, after payment for release. Payment will be accepted in the form of a testimonial.
Upon delivery of derivative rights of project source files or working files from Self-publishing Lab to the client, all responsibility of project source files or working files is the client’s and any problems with missing fonts, stock images, or software errors and issues is no longer the responsibility of Self-publishing Lab.

Cancellation of services must be submitted in writing via email. Phone calls, voice/chat messages and/or standard post/letters will not be acknowledged as formal cancellation. Upon receipt, Self-publishing Lab will notify the assigned professional to cancel the project and to immediately discontinue services. In the occurrence of project cancellation after the project has started, you (the client) agree to forfeit 50% of the project total sum. This is to cover resources and time taken during the project up to the point of cancellation. All quotes provided for services to be rendered are valid for 30 days after being issued to the client or potential customer.

All project fees and quotes are required to be paid in full, upfront, prior to the project commencing as scheduled unless otherwise specified. The Bestseller Packages have a payment plan option of 2 weekly instalments. Upon submitting a project order 50% of the total will be billed, and the remaining 50% balance is automatically billed to the client’s card 1 week later. If for any reason there is an error and the second payment cannot be paid, received or automatically billed, then manual payment may be requested by Self-publishing Lab before the project is completed and final deliverable files are supplied to the client.

The ability to split payments into a deposit and balance payments is at the discretion of Self-publishing Lab on a per-project basis. Self-publishing Lab has the right to allow or deny payment method requests. Project fees and quotes exceeding $2000 may be eligible for a split payment of 50% deposit and the remaining 50% balance upon completion. Merchant and payment processor fees may be charged to your/the client’s PayPal or credit card account upon transaction. Self-publishing Lab agrees to absorb PayPal invoice processing fees where applicable, excluding currency exchange fees. Once all project tasks are complete, the client is required to pay the balance in full is required. Upon Self-publishing Lab receiving the balance payment successfully, will all final project deliverable’s will be sent to the client.

You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Self-publishing Lab, its contractors, employees and associated companies from any and all legal, copyright, personal and permission infringement actions from the client’s actions or actions of 3rd Parties, during or after the execution of this project agreement.

You, the client, owns and maintains all rights to the final artwork upon final payment and completion of the project. You, the client will receive the final project materials upon all final payments being successfully received by us.

You won’t get a guarantee of book sales, as this is ultimately up to each individual author and the effort they put into their own promotions. Self-publishing Lab simply offers professional assistance in your publishing and marketing endeavours.

We (Self-publishing Lab) will not take responsibility for any fees or charges to the client from third parties or companies the client communicates with or deals with to publish the client’s book products and materials. Self-publishing Lab will happily hear any proposed changes or alterations to files which are flagged or rejected by third parties free of charge before the book is printed which is included in the after service support, but this does not include any revision or change fees required by the client or 3rd parties after the book is printed or published.

You, the client, agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Self-publishing Lab, its contractors, employees and associated companies from any and all faults that may appear in the book after you, the client approve the deliverable files received from Self-publishing Lab. You, the client understand the importance of ordering a proof copy from your printer or 3rd party vendor to check for artefacts or items prior to ordering a print run (more than one copy). If you, the client do not order a print proof from a printer or 3rd party vendor you understand this action is at your own risk.

You hereby grant us (Self-publishing Lab) and our service partners the right to use your completed project materials to market and promote Self-publishing Lab services and products and the services and products of our partners at our discretion.

You, the client, agree to not create a false identity or impersonate another for the purpose of misleading others as to your identity, including, but not limited to, providing misleading information to any feedback system employed by Self-publishing Lab.

You agree not to transmit, email or upload any material that contains viruses, Trojan horses, worms, or any other damaging or harmful software programs.

You agree and understand that any content you submit to Self-publishing Lab, including but not limited to photographs, text and software does not breach the intellectual property rights of any third party or persons and you indemnify Self-publishing Lab for any loss or damage it suffers as a result of such a breach.

You agree not to upload content displaying nudity, images of animals or any cartoon or illustration that is defamatory, offensive, or otherwise unlawful material or such information that threatens or harasses other people.

We (Self-publishing Lab) may make changes to or discontinue any aspect of the services and any of the features including but not limited to, content, products, media, software or services available via the Website, at any time and without notice and without liability to you, the client.

We (Self-publishing Lab) makes no representations and warranties with respect to the availability of the Website and may discontinue the services at any time with or without notice. You are solely responsible for maintaining back-up copies of any elements of Your authorised content.

Self-publishing Lab is committed to providing exceptional services with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we strive to maintain a very high customer satisfaction rate. Any requests that are considered outside the scope of an agreed project quote, will be clarified with you, the client. However, Self-publishing Lab is not obligated to refund the purchase price of any service under any circumstance unless explicitly agreed to by Self-publishing Lab. If applicable and agreed to by Self-publishing Lab, any refund will be granted within seven business days from the agreed and confirmed refund by Self-publishing Lab in writing via email.
If for any reason you are not completely happy with your purchase, contact us immediately via email and explain why you are unsatisfied, the date(if required) and your suggestion as to what action should be taken to resolve the issue and restore a pleasant working relationship.

Privacy policy

All client information and materials is considered confidential and only for use by Self-publishing Lab to provide a quote or complete a project. Your information is never given out or shared with any 3rd party, unless otherwise requested by you, the client. We (Self-publishing Lab) may be required to disclose client information following legal requests. This includes but not limited to; subpoenas, court orders, and/or in compliance with applicable laws. We may provide account information when necessary to comply with the law or for protecting the interests of our property. This might include but not limited to; disclosing information with lawyers, agents or government departments or agencies.


A cookie is a piece of information that a website stores on a visitor’s computer, that the visitor’s browser provides to the website each time the visitor returns. Self-publishing Lab uses cookies to help track visitors to see what they view, improve user experience and their website access preferences. Self-publishing Lab website visitors who do not want to have cookies placed on their computers should disable cookies in their browser settings before using this website, with the downside that certain aspects of Self-publishing Lab’s websites may not function properly without the use of cookies.

Print and eBook cover design

Upon project, commencement allows up to 7 business days to receive a project draft for review (standard time). 7-10 business days during peak time. Up to three rounds of revision are included. Any changes after this cut-off will incur an additional fee at our hourly rate of $50. Clients who purchase an e-book cover design package and later order the spine and back cover to be added as a print cover design version will pay the difference in price between the e-book cover design package and the standard or premium cover design package selected.

Payments for all cover design packages are required to be paid in full upfront to confirm and commence your project. All payments are processed via a secure PayPal invoice. You do not need a PayPal account for payment, credit cards are also accepted.

All images, artwork and graphics supplied by you for inclusion in the project artwork are required to be at least 300 dpi – high-resolution files. Clients will be notified of images supplied that do not meet these requirements. Self-publishing Lab is not responsible for any errors, problems, delays or costs associated with artwork or image files supplied by you.

E-book formatting, conversion and print typesetting

Generally, we will use your manuscript and materials as they are delivered to us, and will not edit or modify it. Certain changes may occur due to file or design conversion, necessary for the re-flowable e-book format to be compatible.

We (Self-publishing Lab) do not guarantee 100% accurate preservation of your original formatting in previous formats such as print, Word.doc or PDF, due to technical limitations of e-book retailer platforms and devices.

All of our contracted typesetters and formatters provide the best possible service to the best of their ability and cannot guarantee that the final typeset or formatted documents are “perfect” or “without error.” The depth of typesetting and formatting provided will vary based upon the level of services contracted and the magnitude of instructions provided by the client while placing their original order.

Up to two rounds of revision are included in the typesetting service which includes fixing any ‘typesetting errors’. This does not include fixing ‘editing errors’ which includes but not limited to spelling, grammar, punctuation and any element that specifically comes under ‘editing’. Any additional design changes, new content to be added, or substantial edits will be subject to an additional fee.

The e-book formatting service includes one round of fixes. This does not include design changes or additions. This helps keep our e-book formatting prices low. Significant changes or additional content or a custom request for a fixed-layout e-book format will incur an additional fee.

We (Self-publishing Lab) will not accept responsibility if your e-book violates the terms of service of retailers, or is rejected by any retailer for non-technical related reasons such as; profanity, offensive content or legal reasons).

Editing and proofreading

All documents are edited and/or re-created to a high standard. However, Self-publishing Lab provides no guarantee that the client’s work will be error-free, as this is a task done by human beings and 100% perfection is not attainable. Self-publishing Lab does, however, guarantee that they will re-edit at no-cost to their clients’ upon a review of the work done and at the digression of Self-publishing Lab, and original writing job according to their original instructions should the client locate and specify any errors or omissions after the initial editing services.

Self-publishing Lab is not liable for incidental, indirect, consequential, special, punitive, or exemplary damages of any kind, including loss of revenues or profits, loss of business or reputation, or loss of data, in any way related to this service. Self-publishing Lab is not responsible for any claim, loss, or injury based on errors or any other inaccuracies appearing on our site or in our clients’ written documents, including without limitation as a result of any breach of the terms and condition’s of this agreement.

All of our contracted editors provide the best possible service to the best of their ability and cannot guarantee that the written documents are “perfect” or “without error.” The depth of editing provided will vary based upon the level of services contracted and the magnitude of instructions provided by the client while placing their original order.

You, the client agrees to resolve any questions, concerns or disputes regarding the quality of the completed editorial services by formally submitting a written request for a re-edit. This request for a re-edit must specifically outline all questions, concerns and/or possible editorial errors or omissions so that Self-publishing Lab’s editors may clearly address, respond and/or correct the areas of concern on your (the client) behalf as quickly and professionally as possible.

Your (the client) request for a review and re-edit applies only to your original text and will be edited according to your original written instructions. Corrections consist of any grammar, spelling, punctuation, editorial changes, or possible mistakes within the final edited work returned to you (the client) by Self-publishing Lab. Thus, it does not include any additional re-editing, changes, additions or alterations made by the author/client after delivery of services. (That would create a new document and require a new editing project to be ordered.) Self-publishing Lab will acknowledge receipt of the client’s request for a review and begin re-editing when scheduled accordingly.

Editing and proofreading include up to two rounds of revision, which includes design changes and/or additional content being added or subtracted. Any ‘editing’ errors found will be fixed. Any changes after the two rounds of revision will incur an additional fee.

Project start

Once you have read and agree to the terms and conditions and have no further questions, please complete and submit your project form. Once this has been received, we’ll be in touch with a confirmation and your project PayPal invoice. Once payment has been received, your project will commence as scheduled.

Approval and positive acceptance of deliverables

Clients agree and understand they will be prompted to check, approve, or show positive acceptance of files delivered after such tasks of cover design, typesetting, e-book formatting, e-book conversion, editing or proofreading, before they print, upload or use the delivered files in any way. If the client prints, uploads or uses the files in any way, excluding for personal client review purposes only, prior to confirming checked, approved or acceptance in writing via email, will be understood and accepted by Self-publishing Lab, its staff and contractors as approved and positively accepted.

Websites and third parties

Self-publishing Lab is not liable for any unauthorised changes to client third-party accounts they may provide logins for to Self-publishing Lab for the completion of any project tasks. The client agrees that all logins and third party accounts are covered fully and only by the terms and conditions of the third party.

Self-publishing Lab, its employees and contractors are not registered legal or tax professionals and all information on this website including downloads are only a guide to point you in the right direction. Understand that any action you take is at your own accord and at your own risk. For advice please speak to your legal or tax professional.

You agree that the information on this website including all downloads both free and paid are for you to use at your own decision and risk. You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Self-publishing Lab, its contractors, employees and associated companies from any and all legal, copyright, personal and permission infringement actions from the client’s actions or actions of 3rd Parties, during or after any use of information from this website.

All free information on this website is provided generously at no charge. Any third party recommendation of tools, software and third-party services are genuine and honest recommendations. Some links on this website may be affiliate links which provide a commission to Self-publishing Lab for services we use ourselves, our clients happily use and recommend.

Any dispute regarding this agreement shall be arbitrated in Australia, OR under the rules of the Australian laws of Australia. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the country Australia and courts of such country shall have exclusive jurisdiction and venue.

Self-publishing Lab reserves the right to change, edit or update the Self-publishing Lab website software and website content at any time.

Marketing guarantees of work

The Self-publishing Lab team will do their best to expedite any revisions to correct mistakes. Self-publishing Lab is not responsible or liable for any losses or expenses incurred from errors or omissions. Upon the completion of a job you agree to review and proof all images, copy and assets used, as well as, review and run through any campaigns, emails, landing pages or processes implemented for any errors or omissions before notifying the Self-publishing Lab team if any changes/corrections are required.

Don’t abuse Self-publishing Lab

Self-publishing Lab is designed to serve authors and small business owners for reasonable use of an average small business or individual sole proprietor. We are not meant to replace a full marketing department. We reserve the right to terminate your account and project should we find that you and/or your requests are not in alignment with how we serve, our core values or you are abusing our services and staff in any way. Should you breach any term of this Agreement, your right to use the Self-publishing Lab services will terminate.

Different practices might be considered in deciding Legitimate Use and Self-publishing Lab maintains the right and authority to take any abusive, unlawful, restricted, strange or irregular activity into consideration in making its decision. Self-publishing Lab may at its choice, end its relationship with you, the customer, or may suspend your project immediately, or provide a warning that includes a limited time-frame before pausing or requesting additional payment for extra work and time that is considered to be against this Fair Use Policy and Terms if it is decided that you are utilizing your access to the team and team’s time in a way that goes against this Fair Use Policy and Terms, where reasonable, Self-publishing Lab will notify you via email as notice of inappropriate use that is considered to be against this Fair Use Policy and Terms.

Self-publishing Lab Partner Program

The Self-publishing Lab Partner Program allows registered Partners to earn a ‘thank you commission’ for referring or recommending customers to Self-publishing Lab. Registered Partners agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Self-publishing Lab, its contractors, employees and associated companies from any and all legal, copyright, personal and permission infringement actions from the referred client’s actions, or actions from the registered Partner, or actions of 3rd Parties, when registering as a Partner and when registered as a Partner. As a registered Partner, you agree to all terms and conditions outlined in this agreement and understand any referrals or referred customers are also bound by these terms and conditions (this agreement).

Registered Partners agree to earn a commission for each referral or referred client that accepts and finalises payment for one of Self-publishing Lab’s production packages or cover design packages. Each registered Partner member receives a unique referral link to use for personal use. When you register to become a Partner you agree not to share, transmit or allow third parties, entities or other people to use your Partner referral links.

Accrued earnings of registered Partners are paid at the end of each month after the referred customer’s project is 100% complete and delivered to the customer by Self-publishing Lab. Commissions are paid into the Partners PayPal account using their nominated PayPal email address the registered Partner enters into their Partner account settings.

If a customer purchases products via your Partner links, and then later requests a refund, your pending Partner referral fee for that same referred customer will be debited from your Partner account for the amount of the commission for that particular sale.

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