Authors, Do You Just Have An Expensive Hobby?

Authors, Do You Just Have An Expensive Hobby?

I’m a huge advocate of education and personal development. I believe it doesn’t matter how much you know or how many years experience you have, there’s always something new to learn. Tony Robbins and Oprah are constantly still learning everyday. If they understand the value of growing with new education and training, everyone can.

I recently attended a workshop with Australia’s business, brand and publicity expert Ben Angel, where we discussed the advanced strategies of lead generation and leveraging media publicity the effective way.

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Something we touched on in the workshop was that if a business is not generating leads and there’s no clients, then it’s an expensive hobby. This got me thinking…

The same can be said for authors and selling books.

Many up-and-coming authors don’t do the research necessary to find out how to do Real Self Publishing. They don’t invest in a great book product. They don’t prepare their marketing plan. They don’t have a strategy on how to funnel potential readers through their website to increase book sales. They don’t realise they have to persist with a post-launch marketing plan to continue building their author brand awareness to increase their book sales.

If you’re not doing any of those things as an author, do you simply just have an expensive hobby?

I believe so, you’ve got to be real about this, but many authors are okay with this because it’s their passion. This view alone is not necessarily sustainable though. It’s because of this mindset, that prevents authors from achieving their goals. This ultimately reduces their likely-hood of reaching the next level of book sales and that all-elusive ‘best-seller’ status. I’ll touch on that in a moment.

Statistics show that the average published book sells just 200 copies and it’s largely due to this mindset. No authors, if you build it, they don’t automatically come.

Ben is an author himself who moves hundreds of books a week. He self published himself, because he’s a business man and really knows how to leverage his book to generate more leads and fuel his business. Which is his primary business strategy.

You might not have a business behind your book, this is often the case for fiction authors. You’ll find though that the same mindset and strategies still apply.

So the answer here is not choosing not to invest in a good product, that won’t get you far at all. It’s about how you are going to market and sell books, so you can reap those returns and work towards elevating your author brand, turning your passion of writing and publishing books into more than just an expensive hobby, but a venture that sees income return. That then makes you a successful author.

Get hungry for the title of a ‘successful author’. You’ll be ahead of the curve, becoming the cream that is sitting on top and that’s when your expensive hobby is no more and you are in the business of being paid to do what you love…writing.

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