7 Ways To Improve Your Author Website Book Page Today

7 Ways To Improve Your Author Website Book Page Today

Part of an effective author platform strategy, is to be driving visitors to your author website to find out more about you and hopefully consider purchasing your book. Before they take action and do so, they need to have the confidence that the book is going to be worthwhile. Once the reader has a level of trust with you, they’ll check out your book and this is where you want your book landing page to really clench the deal.

What’s a book landing page?

Well it’s quite simply a dedicated page or website with information all about your book. Some authors just a have links in their blog sidebars with no added information and some authors usually the more serious business minded ones have a dedicated website just for the book. The latter focuses visitors on the book’s content and value with no distractions, which improves sales.

Whether you have a dedicated page or entire website for your book, here’s some key elements you need to include so you and your book are presented in the best, most professional light possible.

High quality book cover image

This is where your investment in cover design shows it’s worth. You can either go with the flat cover image or have a 3D eCover image of your book. Have the book to either the left or right with accompanying information next to it.

Price and availability

This is where you have nice, clean, clear ‘buy now’ buttons for your book on Amazon or if selling directly through your website. Be sure to display any discounts available and shipping costs if required. Bigger orange buttons have proven to get higher conversion rates in online business. This is one reason why Amazon uses orange heavily.

Book description

It can really go without saying, that you should include your book’s description. This doesn’t have to be exactly the same as your book’s back cover blurb. It’s best when it’s two or three paragraphs long, with some bullets to emphasis key points.

Book trailer

If you have a book trailer, be sure to include it. Book trailers are really just product sizzle reels, so to get your visitor excited and interested as much as possible quickly, you could place this above your product description.

Chapter sampling offer

It’s becoming more commonplace for people online to want to try before they buy. You can offer a free chapter or two, or perhaps a completely original and free piece of content that’s related to the book. This could be a free mini ebook or video which offers added value and gives the person an idea of what can be expected in the book.


Any great reviews you have from publications, media or profile reviewers should be on your page. Social proof can never be under-estimated when it comes to instilling trust in the consumer and increasing your credibility.

Book product details

This section includes handy information for those looking to order your book on behalf of an institution or business. Details to include are publisher name, ISBN, release date and retail price.

This is part of treating publishing as the business it is. Putting some thought into your book page will elevate your credibility. It’ll help create the perception in the mind of your reader, that you are indeed a professional author whose book is worth buying.

Take action now, just a couple of minutes to implement at least one of these additions to improve your book page.


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