Amazon Kindle Countdown Deals: Your How-to Guide

Amazon Kindle Countdown Deals: Your How-to Guide

Amazon’s addition to their KDP Select digital publishing platform – Kindle Countdown Deals.

Available to authors at and

This is a new tool that allows authors to provide readers with time sensitive discounts for their Kindle eBooks. That means, if you’re an author who has published a Kindle eBook via your KDP Dashboard, you have a new tool available to incorporate into your Amazon sales strategies.

The biggest benefit from using Kindle Countdown Deals is that it allows authors to set how long a discount should last on their Kindle eBook, before reverting back to the original retail price.

I REALLY like the potential this new tool brings.

How can authors use this new feature in their book marketing strategy?

Special launch pricing window

Next time you launch a book, set a special discounted price that’s only available for a limited time as a “release special” price. This will help add a great old-age marketing tactic called “scarcity” into your launch strategy. A limited time frame where your email list, Facebook readers, blog tour visitors and media sites get treated to a special price, which helps generate excitement.

A clear, compelling offer easily visible

As soon as people see your Amazon book listing page they’ll see the retail price and the special limited time discounted price. An immediate visual comparison that provides a compelling offer.

This will work much like the items you see on sale at retail stores with the fluro sign having the crossed out normal price, with the special discounted price listed beside it.

New potential for being discovered

A book is listed on Amazon’s new Kindle Countdown Deals Page, where shoppers can browse the Kindle Countdown Deals Page like any other special or bestselling list page. A new addition to book discover-ability is always welcomed.

70% royalty on any price point

If you have your book enrolled for the 70% royalty option and your book is discounted for a period of time down to $1.99, you’ll still get 70% of your discounted price. This was a smart move by Amazon. Typically eBook royalty rates vary with anything below $2.99 only being eligible for a 35% royalty.

Report and compare results!

Another great addition, especially for authors with multiple books, running regular promotional campaigns. A new addition to the reporting in the KDP Dasboard is the ability to compare results and see sales figures and royalties side-by-side so you can compare performance.

Here’s an example:

If you take the same book and run two separate Kindle Countdown Deals with a different discounted price for each deal, you’ll be able to compare the results and see which of the two was the most effective price point. Excellent!

How to use Kindle Countdown Deals

1. First, log into your KDP Dashboard. Notice your book listings and on the far right you’ll see a link called “Manage Benefits“, click that (see image below).

kindle countdown deals

2. Then click the link called “Create a new Kindle Countdown Deal for this book” (see image below).

kindle countdown deals

3. Then complete your details including start time and price for your new deal campaign (see image below).

kindle countdown deals

What are the eligibility requirements?

Your book must be enrolled in KDP Select and have a retail price within these ranges:

  • $2.99 – $24.99 (
  • £1.99 – £14.99 (

Other requirements:

  • Your book has been enrolled in KDP Select for at least 30 days
  • The normal retail price of your book can’t be changed for 30 days or more before creating Kindle Countdown Deal
  • The minimum discount you can select for your book is $0.99, or £0.99 for
  • The maximum duration of your Kindle Countdown Deal is 7 consecutive days
  • The minimum time for a deal to run is 1 hour

Important to note:

You cannot run a Kindle Countdown Deal and a Free KDP Promotion Period within the same 90-day KDP Select enrollment period.

King of the jungle

It’s innovations like this that keeps Amazon at the top of their game in the book retail and eBook publishing industry. Innovations that consider the needs of customers, which keeps other competitors at bay. Amazon’s customers in this case are both readers and authors.

Bezos and the Kindle Publishing division are smart. They know that pleasing their customers with innovative tools that will help them get improved success, keeps Amazon as the integral part of the eBook publishing and eBook reading environment.

I respect a company that has a huge focus on its customers as part of the motivation behind innovation. It’s just good business and publishing is a business.

It’s an amazing time to be an author. Include a Kindle Countdown Deal in your next promotional campaign.

For additional details you can check out the Kindle Countdown Deals FAQ here.

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