Branding Success WITHOUT the BS! (With Special Invite)

Branding Success WITHOUT the BS! (With Special Invite)

We live in a world where the words you publish are found by people all over the planet.

Now more than ever, your ability to publish compelling content is a powerful and important skill for getting noticed, building a brand and becoming an authority in your niche’ or industry.

Writing blogs, articles, reports and a print book can be a game changer.

Your content will attract opportunities like:

  • Speaking gigs
  • Media coverage
  • Partnerships
  • PR opportunities

People who read your published work can become loyal fans, evangelists and customers.

This is where the magic lies, because rather than you chasing them, they come to you.

Published materials have an extended lifespan. A book can spread your message far and wide.

Your book can be in more places at any one time then you can yourself.

There’s been no better time to be an author than right now. You can write, publish and get your books in the hands of readers all over the world.

One of those authors is Andrew Griffith, Australia’s #1 small business author (with 11 books now sold in over 50 countries) who will be speaking at the Key Person of Influence event day in Australia, specifically about publishing and writing to increase your readership, brand, authority, credibility and reach.

Andrew presents around the world, sharing his ideas and expertise on all aspects of entrepreneurship. One of Andrew’s greatest strengths is his ability to energise people to achieve extraordinary results.

I’ve personally spoken with Glen, the co-founder of the event and heard Andrew speak in person and they’re top guys with real values that I can relate to.

Easily one of the most powerful benefits of attending this event, is mixing with other attendees. They are all movers-n-shakers in their own right, looking to publish their books, build their brands and reach.

You never know who’ll be sitting beside you!

So I’ll say this. If you’re in Australia and serious about wanting to:

  • Build your audience
  • Build your brand
  • Build your publishing business
  • Get your message out to the world…

Then don’t miss the Key Person of Influence event end of February 2014, alongside four of the world’s most well respected entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Special discount ticket for the Book Cover Cafe community!

I highly recommend this event and working with the KPI team, they’ve kindly offered my readers, fans and customers a whopping 40% discount on the retail ticket price!

Did I mention you get a FREE COPY of the Key Person of Influence book with your ticket?

It’s simply a no-brainer!

I’m also attending and meeting up with other Book Cover Cafe authors at the event.

If you’re in Australia in February, I invite you to join us and book your ticket for the Key Person of Influence event Day.

Here’s that special discount link again. Click here.

See you there!

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