Choosing The Right Domain For Your Author Website

Choosing The Right Domain For Your Author Website

So you have a date for your future book release and you’ve started writing.

At this early stage, it’s also the best time to begin building your author platform, starting with your author website. Start building an audience.

At the heart of your author platform lies your website with a blog. But before you setup a website with WordPress or another framework and begin blogging, you’ll need to purchase your domain name.

But what should your domain name be?

Should your domain be based on the title of your book, or should you use your author name?

Of course it’s up to you, but factoring in your writing career as an author of multiple books, marketing and branding, the best play here is to use your author name or your chosen pen name as your domain.

For example:

Here’s why.

A stronger author brand

People connect with people. Readers connect with their favourite authors. Like James Patterson and Stephen King, you’ll want to be building your author brand, your personal brand with a voice your readers will become familiar with.

Your personal author brand is defined by things such as your writing style, genre and visual identity branding which includes any colours, blurbs and images associated with your books. So your website should reflect this.

On the other hand…

A website based on the title of your book; ‘‘, will really restrict your promotional efforts. When you write future books, what happens then? Create a website for every book you publish? This will have you spreading yourself too thin, subsequently diluting your blogging and platform building efforts.

Your readers who like just one of your books won’t easily find your content and information about your other books they might like, from that website based on one book’s title. If you go with your ‘‘, your readers can see all your books available.

Consolidated and focused

Having your one author website based around your brand acts as your central hub for all your books, allowing readers to discover your other books available as they come back to visit from purchasing your book from Amazon. This helps create a self perpetuating marketing circle.

Another plus to having one author website is that it allows you to focus your blogging and reader engagement efforts in the one place. This is ideal for cultivating a community, building your email list and getting the most from your valuable time.

Is a ‘.com’ the best domain extension to get?

Yes the ‘.com‘ is the best extension to get. Google prefers it and it’s most known and familiar to people. If you can’t get ‘‘, the second best extension is the ‘.net‘.

If the ‘.com‘ is unavailable start trying different domain ‘modifiers’, such as adding your middle name initial for example: ‘‘.

Publishing and marketing is the business side of a successful writing career. Plan ahead of time when making considerations such as your domain name and you’ll save time, money and the hair on your head.

Keep up the hustle!

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