A Powerful Lead Generator and the Ultimate Business Card

A Powerful Lead Generator and the Ultimate Business Card

In today’s economy, it can be harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. For business owners and those on the speaking circuit it’s crucial to position yourself as the ‘go-to’ authority in your industry.

It’s time to get an edge, so throw away your remaining business cards from your pocket and create the ultimate business card and set yourself apart.

Create and publish a book and elevate your credibility in a way your business card or newspaper ads can’t hope to do.

By publishing a book you can package your knowledge and make it accessible to prospective clients, joint venture partners, readers and the media even while you sleep.

A great lead generator for your business

Some of those who discover your book, will find your website where they can access your products and services and move from readers to full clients. Your book serves as the ideal lead generator as those reading your book are already ‘qualified’ prospects interested in your work and your industry. This provides you the opportunity to elevate your income on the back end, with higher tier products and services that provide solutions to their problems.

Garner media attention

Having a book also allows you to garner media attention. The media loves stories that will benefit their readers. Create a compelling angle about how your book and knowledge will help others and leverage your exposure for additional media and clients.

Social proof is powerful and will elevate your credibility and authority to a point where you become sought after for speaking engagements, joint ventures and consulting.

You don’t have to write it yourself

As a business owner or rising industry professional, you probably have a full schedule as it is, let alone making time to write a book. That’s okay, because there are other ways to write your book. You can voice record your book and have someone transcribe it. Alternatively, provide a ghostwriter with your notes and have them write it for you. It’s the closest thing to cloning yourself.

One more thing, this works best with having a print book, not an eBook. Even though the adoption of eBooks has risen significantly in the last 18 months, eBooks still don’t have the same cache’ that their tangible physical counterparts have.

Stand out!

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