5 Little Known Book Launch Ideas For A Successful Event

5 Little Known Book Launch Ideas For A Successful Event

Coming up with book launch ideas is not usually high on most first-time self publishing authors, amidst the anxiety and excitement of publishing the book. The feeling of completing your book and releasing it to the world is a euphoric.

A book launch event doesn’t organise itself though and is a key ingredient to reaping a return on your investment. To help you host a memorable and successful event, here’s five little known book launch ideas a client of mine used for his successful book launch event.

1. Get a free venue

It’s limitless what you can pay for a book launch event venue, but this alone can destroy any chance you have of making a return. Eliminate any guilt you could possible have from spending to much on the venue and look for a free venue. I actually organised this event venue for my client at a popular library. It had good space, a kitchenette for preparing refreshments and flexibility on venue dressing and promotion.

Now, depending on your genre, other venue options that come to mind are rotary clubs and youth club centres. Do a deal with a non-profit organisation where you can cross promote in exchange for use of the venue.

2. Seek sponsorship

A great way to help bolster what your event has to offer attendees, while not hurting your pocket. My client received support from the local MacDonalds who were fantastic showing support by providing non-alcoholic refreshments. A few bucks saved, is a few bucks earned. The library also helped with promotions in it’s newsletter channels and in the Library itself.

The important thing to remember when approaching potential sponsors, is stay local to your venue. Sponsors will show interest when they can see the potential of reaching new local customers via your event. Shove the shyness in a can and bury it. Nothing bad will happen if they say no, but if you don’t ask you could miss out on a big yes!

3. Have a great MC

Worth every penny, especially if they are a friend of a friend, or colleague willing to donate their time for a free book. It’s great entertainment for your attendees and relieves the burden of you having to run from the mic to the table for signing books. That’s the last thing you want to be doing. Allow the MC the freedom of creating some of their own material for your event. Plus, provide them with an itinerary which includes announcing giveaways and competitions.

4. Have someone you trust take care of sales

Along with talking with visitors, the majority of your time will likely be taken up with signing books. This includes chatting with those at the table, so you won’t have time to deal with purchases, receipts and filling freebie bags. Have a second table next to your signing table for a trusted person to take care of that for you. This allows you to simply engage with those who have made time to attend and personally sign their book with a unique message.

5. Bundling

This is of course if you have more than one book or product available. Your books will be available separately, but have an option for those interested to pick up book one in your series or previous books in a bundle. If you are a non-fiction author, you may have other products related to your niche to bundle with your book.

This particular author sold more books within bundles than single books. Bundling allows you to move more books and provide a small discount for your avid new reader. Every one wins.


Think outside the box with your book launch ideas. Have your book marketing plan ready. Delegate tasks and enlist people to help with errands. You’ll reduce stress and have a much smoother event.

Here’s to killer events!

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  1. Thanks Anthony, I have been to a few book launches now including the recent one you are referring too. It seems there are never two the same. Authors are becoming more creative and moving away from the ‘cocktail events’.

    xx Dawn Alice

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