Social Proof: Rocket Fuel for Your Author Brand

Social Proof: Rocket Fuel for Your Author Brand

It’s called “social proof”, and it plays a critical role in establishing trust between you and your website visitors. The majority of authors I see either:

  • Have elements of social proof but aren’t using it to their advantage
  • Have no idea what it is or how it works

I’ll explain what it is and how you can use it to engage and grow your audience.

What is social proof

Social proof comes in a few forms and provides evidence to your visitors that you’re a tried, tested and trusted person or author brand.

Examples of social proof are:

  • Media logos of media brands from coverage in newspapers, radio, tv
  • Review and interview quotes from magazines, bloggers, review journals
  • Reader reviews and testimonials
  • Amazon overall star rating

It’s important to keep all evidence of this social proof and coverage when you get it. Create a folder and document everything so you can use it later.

Using your social proof

  • Mention socail proof on your website home page, in your sidebar and on your subscriber page
  • Place your reader review praise on marketing materials such as; on flyers, in other media pitches, on posters and at events
  • Add praise and endorsements of media, magazines and reviewers on your book listings, such as Amazon

This should be placed BEFORE your book blurb. Social proof will sell your book before your book blurb will, which then becomes the clincher.

How social proof benefits you

When readers see these media logos and reviews, it dramatically elevates your credibility in their eyes making for a much more powerful first impression. They “buy in” on you much more quickly and the bi-product of this is more subscribers and ultimately, more book sales.

You’ll see many online businesses, big and small placing there media social proof very prominently on their business website home page.

For those who are new to discover you, seeing the praise of good reviews, means readers just like them have come before them and have given “approval”. This means the time it takes for new visitors to decide to subscribe or buy your book is reduced.

Social proof gives you significant credibility and sets you apart from the crowd. It shows that you’re a professional and that you’re worth people’s attention.

When you have their attention, they trust and “buy in” on you… and your books.

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4 Responses to Social Proof: Rocket Fuel for Your Author Brand

  1. When I was running my business, I found that publicity brings more publicity as the media liked to interview people who had been interviewed before. Another reason having a media page with links to articles & reviews is important. I know of a few publications who do specific searches for a media page!

    • Yes I agree Melissa, good point you make about media attracting media. A media/pr page is something often neglected by authors. Credibility is another factor for becoming part of the cream that rises to the top.

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