Smashwords eBooks Goes Mobile with Scrollmotion

Smashwords eBooks Goes Mobile with Scrollmotion

Just recently the popular Smashwords eBook distributor partnered with the company ScrollMotion to open up a new distribution channel delivering eBooks to Major Mobile devices. This is another example of Smashwords Founder Mark Cokers steadfast support of the independent publishing community and is known for being hands on with moving the company forward and creating new opportunities for it’s authors.

So, this mobile thing sounds cool, but what does it mean for me the author?

Essentially this will allow access for authors to have their eBooks available to readers using mobile devices, most notably smart phones like iphone and Android, as well as tablets like apple’s iPad.

This extra distriubtion option comes as a free add-on for those Smashwords eBook distributed authors who have eBooks in the Smashwords Premium Catalog.

With Scrollmotion being a leader in the mobile book app space with their Iceberg reader technology and polished children’s book apps, I myself am curious if this partnership will bring about any future opportunities for Smashwords authors to have access to creating and publishing their books using the Iceberg Reader technology directly without going through the Smashwords meatgrinder process. Using the technology may help boost your author platform.

Something else that comes to mind is it sounds like each book could potentially be it’s own app, which means if you have books by the dozens it could surely eat up your mobile memory. At this stage more details are yet to be released, as soon as I know more about any new developments, I’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, what do you think about this new opportunity for authors and are you a mobile reader yourself? Leave your comments below.

Mobilizing forward!

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