This Is Why No One Is Reading Your Blog

This Is Why No One Is Reading Your Blog

It’s every blogger’s challenge to keep people reading their blog and finding new visitors to drop by and enjoy their content. After all, what’s a blog without readers right?

If you’re in the same boat wondering why no one is reading your blog, there’s a good chance it’s because you’re neglecting these basic rules of effective blogging.

1. Your blog titles are dull

Everyone is busy and these days, we are all scanning through today’s noisy online world to find just a couple of pieces of content that appear worth reading during the 5 minutes we have over coffee. Your title doesn’t grab their attention because it’s not intriguing or informative. You’re also not implementing SEO basics for your author website, such as keyword research and including keywords in your titles so Google can start ranking you for search terms.

Make sure you’re creating compelling titles. Get out of your own way and see your post as your readers will see it. Remember, they don’t know you or your content like you do, so consider this when coming up with a title.

2. Your blog post doesn’t have any images

Without images your post appears dry and uninteresting to the eye. Consequently, all the reader could be seeing is an ocean of text and this can seem like to much ‘work’. Without images, your blog post looks like bare text when pasted on Facebook and no one clicks.

An image can mean a thousand words and it can also set the tone of your blog post. The image will be eye-catching and compliment your title so well that visitors will feel compelled to click. You’ll notice I always include images in Book Cover Cafe articles.

3. Your blog post is boring, offering no value to readers

When people visit your website, they find all your blog articles are simply all about you and all the great things happening for ‘you’. First time visitors don’t yet care about you and are only interested what’s in it for them. Even you don’t want to hear from a bloghog who skites about how great they are.

Visitors don’t mind hearing about your latest book, as long as you’ve given to them first by providing interesting articles to read and even offer free content downloads. This is key for effective blogging.

4. Your blog post is too long

One of the very first things people do when they click on a new a blog article, is they scroll to see how long it is. Over 500 words and it’s going to take too long to read. You might have interesting advice to give or an opinion worth sharing, but if you write an essay you’ve lost you’re visitors.

If you want to turn visitors into readers, keep your blog post under 500 words. There are exceptions, particularly for well presented ‘how-to’ articles, but generally speaking keeping to less than 500 words, maintaining one topic or theme and breaking your content up with sub-headings will make your blog appear an easy read.

So once you’re up to speed with creating new blog posts and getting into the swing of writing your blogs regularly, make sure you’re doing the one thing that builds your audience of avid readers who enjoy your blog…care about them first.

Happy blogging!

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