How Your Success Depends On Your Ability To Change

How Your Success Depends On Your Ability To Change

With all the changes we see today in the publishing industry, social media and online technologies, one would be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed deciding where to focus valuable resources of time and money. I know this feeling well.

Some recent conversations I’ve shared with people both online and offline, proved very interesting. It’s how some people embrace change and become excited at the new opportunities it brings and how others recoil to the safety of nostalgia, routine and the familiar. A place where my entrepreneurial colleagues would say, mediocrity thrives.

I thought about this further over my next coffee. The level of success you find as an author now and into the future, will largely depend on how you view change.

When it comes to change, there are two kinds of people.

The first is the person who shy’s away from change. Watching opportunities pass them by, becoming paralysed by fear of the new and unfamiliar.
The second is the person who embraces change, seizes the new opportunities that it brings and thus benefits from change.

As human beings, we are creatures of habit. We naturally begrudge change because it often means venturing outside our comfort zones. This leads us to feeling uncomfortable or perhaps just a little uncertain from having some new questions to answer.

When you think about it, no real good comes from lingering in this state of uncertainty. It’s when we break through the uncertainty, by answering questions or acknowledging a situation for what it is, do we find ourselves overcome it.

I find being a little uncomfortable is a great thing. It helps me keep my edge. What’s unfamiliar only encourages my thirst for learning new things, which helps me grow. I’ve also found being more introspective helps with muting any fear and being able to change perspective. It’s been an effective tool in breaking through uncertainty and embracing change.

The great thinkers, leaders and entrepreneurs of our time such as the Richard Branson’s and Robert Kiyosaki’s of the world, were successful because they do what so many others don’t.

They choose how they will allow it to affect them.

They have learnt the tools that allow them to embrace change and appreciate the benefits it brings. They know if they don’t, that pivotal moment in time will pass them by. Watching potential new found success pass them by. Watching their industry competitors pass them by. Watching the new opportunity to make a greater difference pass them by.

The publishing industry is going to continue to change. Amazon will always be making changes that will affect you as an author. Facebook will make changes again in the future as it strives to improve the engagement of it’s users.

These changes are going to happen whether you like it or not and it’s ultimately your choice to embrace change or let it paralyze you. Don’t let the ripples of change place a hold on you. Find something that helps you gain a new perspective and see the change from another angle, where opportunity lies.

Don’t let those new opportunities to reach new readers and sell books pass you by.

Is there a change in your life you need to embrace?

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2 Responses to How Your Success Depends On Your Ability To Change

  1. Anthony, I read your newsletter every week, and always take some form of advice from them. I also have a file so I can read them again at leisure. This article on ‘Change’ would be among the best. (For me.)

    As a 56 year-old, I must say that each year seems to be harder to keep up with the computer revolution. No, 56 is not old , but in the Cyber World it is ancient.

    Electronic devices and social media, do my head in at times, but I keep on keeping on.

    At times I have felt silly when seeking help from someone within the industry such as yourself, but hey, at the end of the day, I may also be able to pass on this shared knowledge.

    With gratitude from us authors treading water

    Dawn Alice 🙂

    • Hi Dawn, I couldn’t ask for better feedback than that, thank you. Please keep this in mind though, that the only silly question, is a question not asked. Getting curious and asking for advice is the only way to excel. Keep up the hustle Dawn!

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