How to Use Blog Author Comments Effectively

How to Use Blog Author Comments Effectively

In this video I talk about how writing blog author comments can contribute to your book marketing plan.

A few of you may already comment on websites and blogs or perhaps saw it mentioned in the recent article ‘How to Get The Most From Your Writer or Author Platform‘ here on Book Cover Cafe. I know most writers and authors don’t or simply aren’t aware of this simple yet effective strategy.

So in this video I’ll take you step by step through:

  • the benefits of commenting on websites and blogs
  • show you an example
  • show you the simple and easy setup of your Gravatar account.

It’s a packed full video that will show you this simple yet powerful strategy and how you can implement it in just a few mins a day, taking you a level up in your online book marketing efforts.

Here’s to platform building!

6 Responses to How to Use Blog Author Comments Effectively

  1. Hi Anthony,

    (Love your design skills by the way — your Facebook page looks awesome.)

    Definitely dead-on advice!

    I’ve seen great results from commenting on relevant blogs with good content for some time. In fact, I was able to connect with some really great professional contacts because of comments left on their blogs. They liked what they read, looked me up, and got in touch.

    So this technique DEFINITELY works!

    This is one of the things I teach over on my blog at The Author’s Edge.

    What I always stress is not to leave what I call “drive by” comments — the same nonsense that spammers use with things like, “Hey, great post, bye.” ALWAYS contribute something to the conversation.

    For authors, who theoretically should LOVE to write, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. Then, of course, you need to spend some time doing this CONSISTENTLY on relevant blogs covering your topic. As you know, this isn’t a “one and done” process — keep commenting consistently and you WILL see results from it.


    • Hi Chris,
      Thanks for the kind praise and the lengthy comment. Great to meet you.
      I’ve also had great success like you and absolutely agree about “drive by” comments. Great input with covering relevant blog topics. The topic/niche blog targeting for comments I thought I’d leave for another video as this one had enough content to take it in with one sitting and didn’t want to time kill the video. Another video I would run through two examples for writers and authors. As with everything, consistency is key! Thanks again for the great comment Chris and all the best with your pursuits!

  2. Great advice on the importance of getting out there and contributing something worthwhile to other people’s blogs. I’d also just like to add that going on a little blog safari can also be highly entertaining and educational – and can lead to some terrific new friendships, even if only online.

  3. […] Blog commenting is a powerful, yet underutilized tactic by authors, largely because they are too shy or timid. As an author you no doubt have more to contribute to those in your genre or industry than you think. Once you’ve done this a couple of times, it gets a lot easier. Then when you see the additional traffic come in from those who click on your link in the comments you leave, your eyes will open. […]

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