Wrapping Up 2012 With a Glass of Gratitude

Wrapping Up 2012 With a Glass of Gratitude

We’re nearing the end of another year, and boy has it flown by.

If you’re anything like me, you found yourself busy achieving goals, planning and working on that all important life balance between work, family and play.

I’ve found myself, that if you don’t stop and take stock of your year, it’s very easy for it to become a blur as soon as the clock strikes on New Year’s.

Before the Christmas spoils are brought out and you enjoy the festive delights this time of year brings, I’ll take a few moments to say thanks and express my appreciation.

I’m very grateful…

For you, the readers and subscribers of Book Cover Cafe

Seeing the appreciation from everyone in the form of tweets, likes, comments and emails. It shows you’re finding value here and it’s in someway helping you pave your way on your author journey. You give me the fuel to keep up and step up my game with the blog and resources. Which is exactly what I have planned to do.

For my team here at Book Cover Cafe

They help me, help you and our clients. Penny, Gina, Chlea and Kelly are integral to the day to day operations of the business and realising the dreams and goals of our clients. I couldn’t do it ALL myself, there’s just no way. Thank you to you all.

For my clients

This has been a fantastic year, because I’ve had the honour and opportunity to work with some very talented authors. It has been our pleasure to work with you to create quality, commercial books for the marketplace and start your author empires. I look forward to seeing your progress and to the opportunity to help you crush it in 2013.

For my family and friends

Their continued, unwavering support. I do my best to be conscious minded everyday with showing my appreciation. It really is about the little things that add up, don’t you think?

For technology, the internet and today’s publishing options

It’s so easy to take the internet and the technology that infiltrates our lives more and more everyday, for granted. Because of the internet I’m able to connect with clients, family and friends around the globe with the click of a button. Technology like smart phones, tablets and laptops allow us to learn and be entertained with such variety and affordability. Last but not least, the new publishing options and tools now available to allow authors to reach readers more directly, create quality books and are more affordable than ever before.

Thank you.

How about you? Have you taken a moment to appreciate what life offered you this year?

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