How to Use Facebook for Authors

How to Use Facebook for Authors

Ok, so by now most writers and authors out there have heard the pros of using Facebook and that it should form a primary component of there book marketing strategy. This is true. It’s free, accessible, relatively easy to start using and has a user base of over half a billion people.
It enables you access to an open window, connecting with potential readers and industry professionals.

Yep OK, so you probably get all that too then, right?

Well if you’re anything like the writers and upcoming authors I chat to on a daily basis who are curious about how to use Facebook for authors, you’ve probably asked the question…

“But, how do I use Facebook as an author ?”

To start with, you need to understand who your trying to reach. I come back to the all important question any writer or author should ask themselves, “Who is your audience?”. Once you understand this, you’ll have a much clearer vision for your Facebook marketing. Are you looking to open up a social portal to your young adult readers and fans, or are you looking to solely network with industry peers?

For many people, including those in your target readership, Facebook is their first tool of choice for connecting and communicating with friends and family. This is where they are ‘hanging out’, so it stands to reason you need to be visible and reach out to them in their chosen online community.

Your Author Facebook Page

Once you have your goal in mind, then you’ll go about creating a ‘Facebook Page’ as your basis for your marketing on Facebook. This is separate from your current or new ‘Facebook Profile’.

(I’ll be following up this post with videos covering how to use Facebook effectively and instructions for setting up and using Facebook for writers and authors, so stay tuned).

Fiction Authors

Your Facebook Page is now going to serve as your Facebook hub for posting updates, news, interactions with readers and receiving feedback from your audience. If you have a fiction fantasy book series, then readers will want to know all the updates for the upcoming books. Let them in on your progress, give them a taste of the first chapter first before anyone else, give them freebies they can use to share with friends. This will be a gesture of gratitude from you to them, with being your followers.

Non-Fiction Authors

Another suggestion would be if you’ve written a non-fiction book on business structuring, you could offer free business advice and suggestions to followers on your page and re-direct them back to your website for information about your book. These are just examples of strategies you can use to help build trust with your audience and give them an incentive to find out more about you and hopefully become ‘sneezers’ (a term coined by marketer Seth Godin) who will instigate word of mouth for you.

A Proven Strategy for building your audience

One strategy you’ll want to seriously consider, is setting up a landing/welcome tab with good, compelling ‘copy writing’ (the use of marketing text, not related to IP rights) on your Facebook Page. The purpose for this is to allow first time visitors to get an instant understanding of who you are as an author and what you’re about, with direction to ‘like’ your page. You’ll also choose to add information about you and your book on this tab, with clear instruction on accessing any free incentives you are offering.

So Facebook for authors is a tool that enables them to reach their readers from all over the world instantly and for free. Now specific use of your Page for interacting with your audience will vary from author to author, but this post is about how the use of Facebook applies to you as a writer or author looking to market and promote yourself in today’s online world.

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    • Thanks for the comment Dawn. In the video I plan to explore why it’s good to have a fan page rather than solely using your profile. This is particularly valuable to those who want their profiles private for family and friends and the ‘Page’ for the public and promotion. As well as what information to use and apps.

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