Key Factors To A Successful Book Launch: The Irresistible Offer

Key Factors To A Successful Book Launch: The Irresistible Offer

A recent interview I saw with successful author Jonathan Fields touched on a key element in a book launch campaign. The interview covered some good key points I’ve suggested to my clients in the past. One in particular being the irresistible offer. This has been a key aspect to many authors successful launch campaigns.

Having a book published today is now easier than ever, it really is. There is somewhat of a learning process upfront to get the process started with independent publishing, but once you have your book production team assembled, your project really starts moving. What authors struggle with most after this part of the publishing process, is executing an effective book launch.

I’m not talking about the ‘Facebook status update to a group of fans who are writers and not readers!‘ strategy. This is really a waste of time. You need to think bigger and plan in advance. Marketing a book is the last thing most writers want to do, but more and more realise that it’s a necessary part of the process.

So what’s an irresistible offer you say?

An irresistible offer is when you create an unbelievable value offer around your book. During your book launch, your book acts as a key to unlocking the awesome goodies on the other side. It serves as an incentive for potential buyers to purchase your book during the launch period. The book itself almost becomes a token for access to the main prize.

Best selling author Tim Ferris offered great competitions such as creating an ad for his new book The 4 Hour Body and if you won you got a round-trip anywhere in the world along with offering up all 4-Hour Body website ad revenue, for two weeks. Jonathan Fields offered custom signed paintings around the theme of his book, created for those who purchased at launch.

Some authors have previously given away Kindles, but this doesn’t seem to be the attractive incentive it once was. You have to take it a step further and really think about how you can give the absolute best value to your readers.

This form of over delivering with value is a popular practice among successful online business people and marketers. They give away hundreds of dollars in extra bonuses to those who purchase during launch time. This can come in the form of video training, bonus books, special access to content and more. It’s quite powerful and successful when executed in a strategic and timely way.

‘Remember, what’s in it for your readers?’

Most important!
You’ve got to make it about the reader, not about you and what you’ll get out of it. Make your irresistible offer a no-brainer and you’ll move more books.

Create your irresistible offer!

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    • Welcome Dan, the interview covered some great points I often discuss with clients. Your site provides some great value for writers and authors. Keep up the great work.

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