eBook Formatting Services

Let us take care of the technical stuff, and convert your book into the most popular eBook formats.

All you have to do is upload.

ebook formatting services

A book’s cover plays a crucial role in enticing potential buyers, but the inside of your eBook also needs to maintain that professional standard, to create an immersive reading experience.

You’ll get two files

1. Amazon Kindle file(MOBI)

Amazon is the largest e-book retailer in the world, so there’s no question that you want your book available on the Kindle devices using the ‘MOBI’ file format.

2. Standard EPUB file

EPUB files are used by all other retailers, including Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble (the Nook) and Kobo.

Trade-publisher quality formatting or conversion

Your eBook will look and read like a quality trade-publisher eBook (even better), helping you standout out from the crowd.

After-service support

You won’t be left out in the cold after your eBook is complete. We’re here if you have any questions or problems.

EPUB files are validated to be e-check compliant, a must for some retailers

Fixed-layout eBook formatting service for children’s books also available!

Ebook formatting service includes:

  • optimised embedded eBook cover
  • interactive table of contents
  • full-colour creation
  • additional front and back matter, including your copyright page, title page and call to action Authentic print formatting design elements, such as indents, paragraph breaks and chapter headings
  • custom coding
  • live website links
  • your eBook files are tested on our software and the devices themselves, before you receive them
  • EPUB files are e-check compliant.


Ebook formatting pricing starts from just $125

Pricing based on word count and complexity.

ebook formatting services
ebook formatting services payment solutions

What we need from you to start

Before you send us your manuscript file, make sure it meets our Manuscript file preparation checklist. Just take a few moments to follow the steps. This simply allows us to keep costs and time to a minimum, and makes your project run much smoother.

Then send us:

  • your complete, edited manuscript file. Your file should be in one of these formats: Word file(.doc or .docx), Rich Text file(.rtf)
  • your cover file image (unless we’re creating this for you)
  • your illustrations and graphic elements as individual files.

How the process works

1. After reading the terms and conditions, click the green quote button to complete and submit your form. Make sure to attach your manuscript file.

2. You’ll be greeted by one of our friendly staff, who will evaluate and provide an accurate quote.

3. Once you’ve received your quote and are happy to move forward, you’ll receive a secure PayPal invoice and a schedule start time for your project. Payments for eBook formatting are made in full, up front due to the small project size.

4. Once your payment is received, you’ll send through your additional files such as; cover file, illustrations and graphics.

5. You’ll have a chance to review your file and provide any requested changes with consideration to the limitations of eBook devices.

6. Once complete your final eBook files will be made available for you to download.

Ebook Formatting Services FAQs

Q. What will my eBook look like?

A. The appearance and layout of your eBook depends on what eReader your eBook is viewed on. Devices such as Amazon’s Kindle and iPad allow readers to choose between different font types and sizes they want displayed. All eBook files have to allow for this flexible reading experience. This means your eBook will be formatted to display consistently across a variety of different eReader devices, software and apps. If you are expecting your eBook to match your printed version exactly, you’ll likely need to adjust your expectations.

Q. Will this mean my eBook is thoroughly edited too?

A. No, this is just eBook formatting and coding of your book, using your final edited manuscript. We will not correct grammar, spelling, punctuation or any other editing or proofreading mistakes.

Q. Do you distribute or publish eBooks?

A. No. We are a quality service vendor for publishers and self-published authors, who choose to maintain control and upload their eBook files directly to retailers themselves. This is what we recommend when self-publishing the smart way.

Q. Do I own all rights to my eBook files?

A. Yes certainly. Once you receive your completed formatted eBook files you own them and all rights.

Q. Will my eBook appear in colour?

A. This will depend on the device you’re using. Your eBook will be created using all the colour material you provide, such as your cover image and illustrations. Keep in mind, that not all eReader devices display in colour. Devices such as Kindle’s early Kindle models and new Paperwhite devices display in greyscale. New tablet devices such as iPad, Kobo, Nook Colour and Kindle Fire devices will display in full colour.

Q. What files do you accept?

A. Word (.doc, .docx), Rich Text (.rtf) or InDesign (.indd)

Q. Do I need a separate ISBN for my eBook?

A. Yes we recommend you do. Ebooks are considered a separate product from your print book and audio book, so it requires a separate product identification number.

Q. Do you accept deposits?

A. No. We receive payment for standalone eBook formatting projects in full up front, due to the small project size of eBook formatting.

Q. How many revisions are included?

A. Two rounds of revision are included. This helps keep our eBook formatting prices low. Significant changes or additional content will incur an additional fee.

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